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The Problem of Criminalization of Serious Mental Illness Part 2

Michael Compton, MD, and Amy Watson, PhD, present jointly on potential solutions to the problem of criminalization of serious mental illnesses. They provide an overview of several models including Crisis Intervention Team, Mobile Crisis Teams, Specialized EMS, and the Police-Mental Health Linkage System.

The opioid epidemic and drug checking: putting tools in the hands of experts


The lecture will provide an understanding of the current opioid epidemic and the confluences of factors that paved the way for our current state of unprecedented high rates of overdose deaths. The course will discuss and define harm reduction, and focus on one tool that is currently being employed to reduce overdose among people who use drugs (PWUD). Ultimately, the course will discuss data from studies that demonstrate PWUDs’ ability and implementation of novel life saving methods.


Six Elements of Effective Coalitions

This resource is the first installment in a series, Key Elements of Effective Coalitions, which has been developed for prevention practitioners and community coalition members by the national Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC) network ( The goal of this series is to provide information on key elements that research suggests are critical for coalitions to operate effectively and increase their impact on substance misuse and its consequences for individuals and communities.


Webinar #1 (of 6): Trauma-Informed Skills for Educator (TISE) - Part 1 (of 2): Trauma 101

About this Resource:

The webinar is designed to enhance educators’ knowledge about trauma and its impact on students, as well as enhance educators’ ability to engage with youth who’ve been exposed to trauma. Experts will provide information about the definition of trauma, the neurological impact of trauma on students, the signs and symptoms of trauma, and an explanation of how trauma can manifest in the classroom.

View webinar here.


About the Presenters:

Recruitment & Retention of the Mental Health Workforce Part 2

Michael Hoge, PhD, reviews key strategies from improving recruitment and retention in mental health organizations, including examples of innovation and specific approaches for increasing the diversity of an organization’s workforce.